Aug 24, 2016
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Welcome to the Triple Helix Corporation
At the very core, the DNA of a company is its business data. At the Triple Helix Corporation, we add the third and vital strand to your organization's DNA to create superior decision making capabilities.

We are a software and information management company that creates innovative technology solutions to help companies easily manage and understand their business data.
       Sample Industry Case Studies :
Financial Services

Realtime Environment Visualization (REV)
A large financial services organization was interested in seeing the realtime market overview for a very specific industry segment. A REV™ system framework was created to display the data and reveal the unique data relationships specific to this industry.

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Retail / Tourism

EXACT™ Data Relationship Mapping
An online travel support services company was interested in determining the ideal customer groups for its services. A detailed analysis of the reservation data was performed with our EXACT™ process which revealed some very important revenue-enhancing information.

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Aerospace / Manufacturing

Metrics Data Reporting Portal
A large aerospace manufacturer was interested in creating a web-based portal to collect, analyze, and report on key monthly metrics to its senior executives. A new web application was created to easily permit data collection with their legacy systems while providing standardized outputs
automatically every 30 days.

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See a LIVE Demo HERE

Information Technology

Text Analysis / Survey Analysis
A large IT organization wanted to improve its overall customer satisfaction by understanding the needs of its users. A text analysis of the customer satisfaction surveys was conducted to determine the dominant themes in the (open-ended) text responses without having to read the individual
surveys !

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